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  • THE CURB – Essay
    Based on a thought I had in the 6th grade…Read: http://mcneiljohnston.com/the-curb/
  • TEACH – Musical Play: Book, Lyrics & Music
    I began work on TEACH in 1998.  Arising out of a childhood fascination with pirates, I wrote the book, music and lyrics of this Musical Play based on the life and death of pirate Edward Teach, known widely as Blackbeard.  TEACH  not only accurately portrays the historical man and his world in accordance with the best available scholarly materials, but examines his motivations and character as well.  Central to the work is the debunking of many false perceptions about the legendary villain, and an attempt to humanize and in many cases vindicate him.
    Complete Script: Click to read!
  • THE DANCIN’ FOOLS – Musical Play: Lyrics & Music
    Authors John Stix & Fritz Krieger approached me to write the music and lyrics for their play about a dance team.  This two-character play spans 40 years as the pair meets, grows apart, then together again.  The invigorating challenge of writing songs that not only captured each period, but the characters’ age and experience was a highly motivating and rewarding journey!
    Listen:  Look At Me,   Where Does Time Go,   What Do I Care About Numbers,   When I Was A Girl,   The Fizz
  • KAUAI COOKIE – Radio Spot CopyCreated as a proposal for the Kauai Cookie Company. All copy written by McNeil Johnston. Music performed and composed by McNeil JohnstonV/O: Kauai, the Garden Isle. Hidden amongst its lush valleys and majestic mountains are some of Hawaii’s most treasured secrets. The Waialua River, The Pacific Grand Canyon, The Wettest Spot… on Earth…. And of course, Kauai Cookie!

    SINGERS: Kauai Cookie, The Taste Of Hawaii

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