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An Olympian Thought


So the 2012 Olympics are rapidly approaching their closing, and the archer from Bhutan, who spent a mere six minutes in competition before being eliminated, explains that she is happy.  Happy to be in London, happy to share her country’s unique perspective on life, and happy to explain why the intrinsic pursuit of happiness is important in her culture.  In an interview with Dr. Nancy Snyderman, she elaborates that in Bhutan, happiness is not only common, it’s government-mandated!  In fact, studies reveal that the Bhutanese people are ‘the happiest populace on Earth’.

Hearing this, governments like the United States and others are actually announcing that they intend to launch studies to determine whether happiness is actually beneficial to a society.

No –  really!

Watch for similar studies on breathing later this year.



There is nothing in all of cookery that cannot be improved by the addition of bacon.

on Fatherhood


So I was contemplating the meaning of the phrase “… makes me happy” and realized that it means that in the presence of a certain thing, one cannot HELP being happy. Then I realized that’s what being around my girls is like – they MAKE me happy!

So if Fathers’ Day is, for the father, an opportunity to express what fatherhood feels like, well, that pretty much sums it up for me!




Everybody dies.  In that sense, everybody’s life ends as a tragedy.  Is every LIFE a tragedy?  Of course not!  We evaluate and historically categorize a life by virtue (or lack thereof) of its content.  Therefore, the timeline – the linear progression of a life as a whole – is entirely irrelevant.  Not an original thought, I know (it was actually inspired, in this case, by the narrative flow of Pulp Fiction), but perhaps a comforting one.